VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

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Bitumen is a widely used material in road construction and pavement applications. It provides durability, flexibility, and adhesion to asphalt mixes, making them suitable for various climatic conditions. One specific type of bitumen is the VistaAseman bitumen 40-50, which refers to the penetration grade of the bitumen. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, applications, and specifications of VistaAseman bitumen 40/50.

VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

What is VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50?

VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 is a type of bitumen that falls under the penetration grade category. The penetration grade indicates the hardness and consistency of the bitumen. In the case of VistaAseman bitumen 40/50, the penetration value is in the range of 40 to 50 at standard test conditions. This specific range determines its suitability for use in road construction and pavement applications.

Characteristics of VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 exhibits certain characteristics that make it suitable for its intended applications. Some of these characteristics include:

  1. Thermoplastic Property: VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 has a thermoplastic property, which means that it softens at high temperatures and hardens at lower temperatures. This unique temperature-viscosity relationship is crucial in determining the performance parameters of bitumen, such as adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures.
  2. Penetration: The penetration value of VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 falls within the range of 40 to 50. This penetration value indicates the depth to which a standard needle penetrates the bitumen under specific test conditions. The penetration value affects the hardness and consistency of the bitumen, which, in turn, influences its performance in asphalt mixes.
  3. Specific Gravity: The specific gravity of VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 at 25°C typically ranges from 1.01 to 1.06 kg/cm3. Specific gravity is a measure of density and is important in determining the volume and weight of bitumen in asphalt mixes.
  4. Softening Point: The softening point of VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 is between 52 to 60°C. The softening point is the temperature at which the bitumen softens and becomes pliable. It is a crucial parameter in determining the suitability of bitumen for various climatic conditions.

Applications of VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 finds extensive use in road construction and pavement applications. Its specific characteristics make it suitable for the following applications:

  • Hot Mix Asphalt: VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 is commonly used in the production of hot mix asphalt for bases and pavements. The bitumen provides the necessary adhesion and durability to the asphalt mix, making it suitable for various road conditions.
  • Road Construction: VistaAseman bitumen 40/50 is widely used in road construction projects, especially in tropical regions with warm weather. Its high air blowing and penetration properties make it suitable for use in such regions, where the asphalt needs to withstand high temperatures without compromising its qualities.
  • Repair and Maintenance: VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 is also used for repairing and maintaining existing road surfaces. It can be used as a binder in patching materials to fill cracks and potholes, ensuring the longevity and safety of the road.
Specification of VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

The specifications of VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 are determined through various tests and standards. These specifications ensure the quality and performance of the bitumen. The following table provides an overview of the specifications for VistaAseman bitumen 40-50:

Specification Test Method Unit Minimum Maximum Specific Gravity @ 25°C ASTM D70 Kg/cm3 1.01 1.06 Penetration @ 25°C ASTM D5 mm/10 40 50 Softening Point °C ASTM D36 °C 52 60 Ductility @ 25°C ASTM D113 cm 100 min – Loss on Heating (wt) % ASTM D6 wt % 0.2 max – Drop in Penetration after Heating % ASTM D5-D6 % 20 max – Flash Point °C ASTM D92 °C 250 min – Solubility in CS2 (wt) % ASTM D4 wt % 99.5 min – Spot Test A.A.S.H.O.T102 – Negative – Additional Information: VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 meets the quality standards specified by the manufacturer and complies with international regulations.

Guaranty and Safety of VistaAseman Bitumen 40-50

RABIT (RAHA BITUMEN) Company, the supplier of VistaAseman bitumen 40-50, ensures the quality and safety of the product. The company arranges international inspections to check the quality and quantity of the bitumen during the loading process. Additionally, they control the production through batch test reports before shipping to guarantee compliance with the specified standards.


VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 is a penetration-grade bitumen known for its suitability in road construction and pavement applications. Its unique thermoplastic property, penetration range, and other characteristics make it an ideal choice for hot mix asphalt production and road repair. The specifications and quality assurance provided by the supplier ensure that VistaAseman bitumen 40-50 meets the required standards and delivers optimal performance in various climatic conditions.

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