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Vista Aseman Company started its activity in 2008 in the field of supplying raw materials and consumables, equipment and spare parts required in the steel, oil, gas, petrochemical, cement and other industries. We take steps to satisfy you by identifying the needs of our customers and benefiting from the experience of expert forces and international and first-class business partners. The focus of Vista Aseman’s activities is in the field of refractories, consumables, as well as the supply of equipment required by the steel, oil, gas, petrochemical and other industries.
The Vista Aseman team is ready to provide efficient and professional products and services to its customers at any time. Our management team is responsible for planning the operation and development of the company. They make constant efforts to make our service system more efficient. Our sales team will send you sales offers in the shortest possible time with data sheets and relevant instructions, and our after-sales service team will always be by your side to ensure the quality of products and services. Our sales engineering team will be ready to optimize your products and meet your needs side by side, and periodic visits to factories are proof of this.

Areas of activity of Vista Aseman:
1- Supply of equipment and spare parts for steel mills
2- Supply of raw materials and consumables for steel industry
3- Educational, engineering and consulting services

Mission and vision

Mission & Vision

All Vista Aseman products and services are in accordance with the standards of the day and the sole purpose is to satisfy you. We look forward to establishing beneficial relationships with our customers.

Some Vista Aseman customers

The Best Have Chosen Vista Aseman

The most important honor of Vista Aseman is that during its 13 years of activity, it has been able to be trusted by the top steelmakers in the country.


Vista Aseman Team


Message from management

More than 40 years of activity in the industry has taught us that smart and experienced customers are interested in professional and distinctive services with effective outputs. Vista Aseman Company, in line with its mission and vision, relying on the knowledge of its experts and experience of several years of presence in the industry, has made its thinking and commitment central to the customer to grow and upgrade years of knowledge and experience and create a transparent environment. And participatory within the organization to take steps towards customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction will be the key to our success in the future as progress together, synergy and value creation for all stakeholders. Our goal is to remove the obstacles in front of you that can hinder your increasing production. Our powerful tools allow individuals and business owners to have a website with the top brands and access global markets.

Abbas Parsa

Chairman of the Board and CEO
MBA in Management